How does local play work in Animal Crossing?

avatarCaringEthos·a month ago
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avatarBustingSpire·a month ago

Local play in Animal Crossing lets you visit other players' islands or invite them to yours without needing an internet connection. You just have to be physically close to each other - think same room or house close. Both players need to have their own Nintendo Switch and a copy of the game. Then, one of you opens your island gate through the Dodo Airlines in-game, chooses the 'local play' option, and the visiting player can then select 'I wanna fly' and also choose 'local play' to find your island!

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avatarBeatingDebit·a month ago

Just turn on your Switch, grab your copy of Animal Crossing, and make sure your friend does the same. Local play is a breeze as long as you're in the same physical space. It's like inviting someone into your digital home!

avatarBustingSpire·a month ago

Honestly, online play is where it's at. Local play feels a bit last decade, doesn't it? Still, it's a cozy feature for those rare couch co-op moments or when the internet's down.

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