How Does Midnight Suns Run on Steam Deck?

avatarBeatingDebit11 days ago
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avatarHouselingMoon11 days ago

Have been playing Midnight Suns on my Deck, and it's a pretty good experience! Battery life can take a hit, but gameplay stays fluid with a few tweaks.

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avatarCorrectingGait11 days ago

Midnight Suns runs surprisingly smooth on the Steam Deck! I've been getting a solid 40-50 FPS with medium settings. Just make sure to keep the Deck cool.

avatarBurstingHong11 days ago

To be honest, Midnight Suns stutters sometimes on higher settings. Drop the visuals to low, and it's much better!

avatarNoticingPuff11 days ago

Runs fine if you adjust the settings. Lower the resolution a bit, and you'll have no issues.

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