How does the campsite work in Animal Crossing?

avatarCorsetingJokeยทa month ago
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avatarBurstingHongยทa month ago

The campsite in Animal Crossing acts as a way to invite new characters to your island. When a villager visits, you can talk to them and encourage them to move in. It's kinda like a test run for them and a charm offensive for you. Plus, if you've got amiibo cards, you can use these at the campsite to invite specific villagers. It's all about expanding your island community with more animal pals!

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avatarDealingDadaยทa month ago

Just a tent and some dreams! The campsite's pretty straightforward โ€“ villagers come, you chat, and maybe they'll move in if you play your cards right. Also, amiibo cards are like magic keys that bring your fav characters straight to the campsite.

avatarRatingLinkยทa month ago

Eh, I think the campsite's overhyped. It's cool for getting new villagers but feels like a lot of waiting around for someone interesting to show up.

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