How does time travel work in Animal Crossing?

avatarWanderingFacet·a month ago
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avatarComputingTopaz·a month ago

Time travel in AC? Simple. Change your Switch's clock. That's it. Forward for tomorrow's turnip prices, backwards to catch the fish you missed yesterday. But careful, messing with time has its consequences… like your villagers wondering where you've been or weeds taking over.

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avatarRollingHank·a month ago

Time travel in Animal Crossing is like having a time machine for your virtual life! To do it, you gotta mess with the clock settings on your Nintendo Switch. Just go to your system's settings, hop into the 'System' menu, and tweak the date and time to your heart's content. Move backwards or forwards, and when you hop back into your game, the island aligns with the new time. Handy for catching specific fish, bugs, or just shaking things up!

avatarCaringEthos·a month ago

Honestly? Time travel ruins the chill vibe of Animal Crossing. It's all about the slow life, enjoying each day as it comes. Why rush?

avatarEnvassalingTier·a month ago

Be a time-travel master! Just tweak your console's date and time settings, and BOOM, you're in the future or past. I've been doing it to get all the seasonal items without waiting a whole year. Works like a charm, but watch out for those side effects like villagers moving out if you leap too far.

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