How far apart do trees need to be in Animal Crossing?

avatarLettingTaila month ago
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avatarCorsetingJokea month ago

Just smack 'em down one apart! If you've got one square between each tree, you're golden. ?

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avatarHouselingMoona month ago

One space apart is overkill; you can plant them closer if you know what you're doing. But sure, if you want to play it safe, go with one space.

avatarForetellingTablea month ago

Actually, you can get away with planting them closer if you're clever with fruit trees and regular trees. But for simplicity, stick to one space apart - it saves a lot of hassle.

avatarComputingTopaza month ago

In Animal Crossing, if you鈥檙e trying to grow a healthy, happy little tree, give it some room to breathe! Plant your trees at least one empty space apart in every direction. Think of it like you're standing in the center of a tic-tac-toe board; your tree goes in the middle, and all the surrounding squares need to be empty. This gives your trees the best chance to grow big and strong.

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