How future proof is the Steam Deck?

avatarJiggettingBait17 days ago
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avatarWanderingFacet13 days ago

Valve has a good track record for supporting their products long-term, and you can expect frequent updates and improvements to the Steam Deck.

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avatarRavellingMane17 days ago

The Steam Deck's future-proofing largely depends on what you expect from it. Given its customizable Linux-based OS and Valve's commitment to supporting and updating the platform, it's got a solid foundation for longevity. However, like any tech, it will face challenges from newer, more powerful devices over time. But for now, it's a beast in the portable gaming world, capable of running a vast library of games from Steam.

avatarHatchellingCalm17 days ago

Pretty future-proof if you ask me. It's a PC in your hands, so you can always tweak settings or stream games if newer titles are too demanding. Plus, Valve's track record with Steam means they'll likely keep it well-supported.

avatarCluingWear13 days ago

Future proof? More like future awesome! The Steam Deck's flexibility makes it a strong contender for staying relevant over the next few years.

avatarInterferingHood13 days ago

Honestly, tech moves fast. The Steam Deck is great now, but who knows what'll come out next year?

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