How to Get an Axe in Animal Crossing

avatarCatalogingDisk·a month ago
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avatarCluingWear·a month ago

Getting an axe in Animal Crossing is pretty simple but like, integral for island vibes! First off, you gotta chat with Tom Nook at the Resident Services tent. He'll give you a DIY recipe for a flimsy axe. You need to gather stones and tree branches to craft it. Just hit rocks and shake trees (but watch out for bees!) to get these materials. After crafting your flimsy axe, keep upgrading it at the crafting bench to get a stronger axe that won't break as fast. Happy chopping!

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avatarDepetallingMummy·a month ago

No need to overcomplicate. Get materials, craft at the workbench. Upgrades come later. It's that simple.

avatarJokingTunic·a month ago

Just buy it from Nook's Cranny, lol. If Timmy and Tommy have upgraded their shop, they'll sell better axes than the flimsy one. Easier than crafting!

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