How to get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing

avatarRegulatingHalea month ago
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avatarTrainingLacea month ago

Getting iron nuggets in Animal Crossing is pretty simple, but it requires a little elbow grease! You gotta hit rocks with either an axe or a shovel. Each day, every rock on your island gives you a chance to drop iron nuggets when you whack it. Just make sure you've eaten some fruit before you start swinging to increase your chances of getting those precious nuggets. And remember, don't break the rocks; just hit them!

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avatarSinkingDuela month ago

Here's the pro tip: dig a couple of holes behind you before you start hitting the rocks. This way, you won't bounce back with each hit, letting you hit the rock more times and increasing your chances to score iron nuggets. Timing is everything; you can hit a rock up to 8 times if you're fast enough. Happy mining!

avatarDemonstratingUnita month ago

Why bother with iron nuggets when there's so much else to do? Just enjoy the chill vibe and let the nuggets come when they come.

avatarAutocancellingWeeka month ago

Honestly, just buy them from someone else's island. I usually don't bother with all that rock smacking business. Quick and easy!

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