How good is Gekko in Valorant?

avatarSinkingDuel3 months ago
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avatarSwellingDumpa month ago

Gekko? Meh, overrated. Sure, his abilities sound cool and all, but it really comes down to how you use him. Seen plenty of Gekkos flop because players think he's an instant win. It's all about skill, folks.

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avatarCarryingTreea month ago

Gekko is absolutely a game-changer in Valorant! His unique abilities bring a new dynamic to team strategies, making him a top pick for players looking to shake things up on both offense and defense. With the right team composition, Gekko can significantly impact the flow of the game, providing both utility and firepower. Definitely a thumbs up from me!

avatarPressingDeska month ago

As a Gekko main, I can tell you he's solid. His ability to gather intel and disrupt enemy lines is unmatched. Plus, his ultimate can turn the tide of a match. Game sense and communication are key to making the most out of him. Trust me, he's worth the effort.

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