How Hot Can the Steam Deck Get?

avatarWhammellingSuite15 days ago

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avatarReoccuringRace15 days ago

It gets HOT, like, sometimes too much for comfort if you're pushing it with high-performance games. But that's just physics doing its thing. Cooling pads or playing in a well-ventilated area helps.




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avatarMuggingCreek11 days ago

I've found that my Steam Deck usually hovers around 80掳C when gaming. Doesn't sound too bad, right?

avatarDemonstratingUnit15 days ago

Oh, the Steam Deck can become quite the little heater, especially during intense gaming sessions. From personal experience, it can get pretty warm, but nothing alarming. Generally, it stays within a comfortable range for handheld devices, but you might want to take breaks during those marathon gaming nights!

avatarAgeingJetty11 days ago

The Steam Deck can get pretty toasty, around 90-100掳C, especially during intense gaming sessions. Just make sure to play in a cool environment!

avatarNoticingPuff15 days ago

Honestly, it's not that bad. Just don't expect to use it as an ice pack, and you'll be fine.

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