How long can you keep turnips in Animal Crossing?

avatarWarningSquad2 months ago
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avatarBeatingDebit2 months ago

You got exactly one week! Buy them on Sunday, and if you don't sell them by the next Sunday, they're basically compost. It's all part of the game's Stalk Market - buy low, sell high, and don't let those turnips spoil!

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avatarBurstingHong2 months ago

Turnips in Animal Crossing are like milk left out of the fridge; they go bad after a week! So, you've got until the next Sunday to sell them off, or they turn into sad, worthless veggies.

avatarMuggingCreek2 months ago

One week, then poof, goodbye investment. Gotta sell those turnips within a week or face the tragic waste of bells.

avatarArisingWard2 months ago

I sold mine on a Saturday night, just in the nick of time. Believe me, waiting that long added a few gray hairs. One week is your max!

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