How long does it take to finish Animal Crossing?

avatarGroaningRush·a month ago
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avatarCreatingGulf·a month ago

The beauty of Animal Crossing is that it doesn't truly have an 'end'. You set your own goals, and there’s always something new to discover every day. Whether it's completing the museum, upgrading your house to the max, or simply making your island a paradise, your adventure is what you make of it. Some might say they've 'finished' when they've achieved their personal goals, which could take anywhere from 50 to 400 hours, depending on what those goals are.

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avatarJokingTunic·a month ago

Honestly, the game ends when you feel like it does. For me, it was around the 200-hour mark when I'd upgraded my island to five stars, but I still pop in to check on my villagers and catch the seasonal fish and bugs.

avatarJiggettingBait·a month ago

Animal Crossing isn't a game you 'finish'—it's a lifestyle. You're looking at hundreds of hours if you want to do everything, but since it's played in real-time, there's always something to come back to, no matter how much you play. Just enjoy the journey!

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