How long does mail take in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

avatarTrainingHosta month ago
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avatarDezincingBrutea month ago

Literally 24 hours. If you mail it at 2 PM, don't expect it at 5 AM the next day though; it's more about the date changing. So, patience is key!

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avatarUnifyingSluma month ago

Mail in Animal Crossing: New Horizons usually arrives the next day! So, if you send a letter or a gift to a friend (or even to yourself), expect to see it in your mailbox the morning after. The game syncs with your console's internal clock, so 'tomorrow' means after 5 AM in your game's local time.

avatarNoticingPuffa month ago

Next day delivery! Everything in ACNH operates on a real-time system, so if you mail something, it's gonna be there when you wake up the next day. Just make sure you're sending those letters before you end your play session to give them time to 'travel'.

avatarGroaningRusha month ago

Idk why everyone's so chill about this. I need instant gratification, waiting a whole day in Animal Crossing feels like a year irl.

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