How long does Mr. Handy last in Fallout Shelter?

avatarForetellingTable3 months ago
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avatarRollingHank3 months ago

Mr. Handy is pretty much immortal in Fallout Shelter! He can get damaged while collecting resources or fighting off invaders, but he won't die. Just make sure to repair him when his health gets low. It costs caps to repair, but he's totally worth it for the hassle-free resource collection and defense.

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avatarBruisingTopaz3 months ago

Forever, as long as you keep him repaired! Mr. Handy can take a beating but as long as you patch him up with some caps, he'll stick around to keep serving your vault.

avatarLettingTail3 months ago

Honestly, too long. It feels like he's just always there, hovering...watching. Just kidding, repair him and he's good as new. Handy, right?

avatarImplementingPons3 months ago

Mr. Handy lasts until the end of time... or until you forget to repair him. Keep an eye on his health bar; if it hits zero, it's repair time. But other than that, he's your tireless, uncomplaining robot butler in the wasteland.

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