How long has Animal Crossing been around?

avatarAgeingJetty·a month ago
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avatarSawingBully·a month ago

Since 2001! Feels like just yesterday we were all getting into debt with Tom Nook for the first time. Time flies when you're having fun fishing and catching bugs!

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avatarBeatingDebit·a month ago

21 years and still going strong! From the GameCube to the Switch, Animal Crossing has evolved, but the debt to Tom Nook? Eternal.

avatarPleasingSkip·a month ago

Animal Crossing first graced us with its presence in 2001, so we've been enjoying this adorable world of anthropomorphic critters and endless activities for a bit over two decades now. It started off on the Nintendo 64 in Japan, before taking a leap to the GameCube for its international debut. Since then, it's become a beloved staple for Nintendo fans, offering a unique slice-of-life experience that keeps us coming back for more.

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