How long is a day in Animal Crossing?

avatarEarningOunce·a month ago
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avatarAgeingJetty·a month ago

24 hours, no more, no less. The game literally moves at the pace of real life, making Animal Crossing your little parallel universe that keeps ticking whether you're playing or not.

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avatarPleasingSkip·a month ago

In Animal Crossing, a day is exactly the same as a real-world day - 24 hours! The game syncs with your console’s internal clock, so when it’s morning in real life, it's morning on your island too. This means you can experience the game changing through the day and night, just like the real world. Pretty neat, right?

avatarGroaningRush·a month ago

It's just like our day, 24 hours! I love how Animal Crossing changes with the real world, making it feel like my villagers are living right alongside me.

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