How Long Is the Wait for a Steam Deck?

avatarDisbowelingFeel9 days ago
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avatarCarryingTree9 days ago

I ordered mine a few months back, and it took about 2 months to arrive. So, patience is key, my friend.

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avatarReplyingTheft9 days ago

Well, the wait time for a Steam Deck can vary a lot depending on the model and your region. Generally, expect to wait several weeks to a few months, but keep an eye on Valve's official website for the latest updates!

avatarSignalingCloud8 days ago

I ordered mine back in March and got it in July, so plan on waiting up to 4-5 months. Worth every second though!

avatarSignalingCloud9 days ago

Honestly, it's worth the wait no matter how long it takes!

avatarWanderingFacet8 days ago

The wait time for a Steam Deck can vary, but current estimates suggest a few months from the time of order. Check Steam's official site for the most accurate timelines!

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