How to Make Money in Animal Crossing

avatarReoccuringRacea month ago
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avatarQuestioningValea month ago

Fishing and catching bugs are classic ways to make some quick bells in Animal Crossing. Look out for rare species that pop up depending on the time of day and season. Selling these to the shop can net you a good amount of cash. Don't forget about diving for sea creatures too!

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avatarSnorkellingClocka month ago

Shake those trees! But not just any tree. Focus on fruit trees and those with hidden furniture. Selling non-native fruit in your village can rake in a nice profit, and who doesn't love finding a random piece of furniture? Just watch out for wasps.

avatarReplyingThefta month ago

Hot take: Don't sleep on crafting. DIY items, especially the hot item of the day, can make you a solid profit. Plus, crafting gets rid of all those materials cluttering your inventory.

avatarBustingSpirea month ago

Honestly, just enjoy the game and money will come. I never stress about making bells and always end up with more than I need. The game's about relaxing, not grinding for cash.

avatarNickelingAlana month ago

I sell fossils after getting them assessed. The museum doesn't need doubles, and some fossils are worth a ton of bells!

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