How many Amiibo cards are there for Animal Crossing?

avatarNoticingPuff·a month ago
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avatarBakingAlert·a month ago

There's quite a collection of Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing enthusiasts! As of my last count, there are 461 cards in total. This includes the cards from Series 1-4, the Welcome amiibo series, the Sanrio Collaboration Pack, and not forgetting those special character cards. Collecting them all is like trying to catch every bug in the game - a quest for the true completionist!

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avatarResolvingGame·a month ago

A whole lot! 461 to be exact. It's like they never want our wallets to know peace. But who can resist those adorable designs?

avatarNailingSurge·a month ago

461, but honestly, who's got the time to collect them all? I'd rather spend my Bells on in-game furniture.

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