How Many Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Are There?

avatarWhammellingSuite·a month ago
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avatarCatalogingDisk·a month ago

As of my last count, there are over 400 Animal Crossing amiibo cards out there! These cards were released across four series, plus some special edition and collaboration cards. Each series has 100 cards, featuring villagers and characters that can be invited to your island or used to unlock special features in games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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avatarPleasingSkip·a month ago

Just gonna drop a quick number here - 400+ amiibo cards for Animal Crossing. That's a whole lot of animal friends!

avatarRatingLink·a month ago

Honestly, do we ever have enough? But yeah, it's around 400. Spent way too much time (and, ahem, money) collecting these cuties. Each one unlocks something special in the game, so totally worth it in my book!

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