How many Animal Crossing Amiibo cards are there in total?

avatarCarryingTreea month ago
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avatarHouselingMoona month ago

Oh boy, brace yourself for the count! There are a total of 497 Animal Crossing amiibo cards. This includes Series 1 through 4, the Welcome amiibo series, and the Sanrio Collaboration Pack. Each set brought its unique flair to the game, adding more villagers and gameplay options. Got a favorite? Mine's gotta be K.K. Slider!

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avatarAttemptingDancea month ago

Way too many for my wallet to handle lol. It's 497 in total.

avatarColoringNoona month ago

497! And yes, I've tried collecting them all. It's a wild ride with some being more elusive than others. Makes you appreciate the hunt though!

avatarNoticingPuffa month ago

Just 497. Not like it's a small number but considering how addictive collecting them can be, feels just about right.

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