How Many Animals Are There in Animal Crossing?

avatarNickelingAlan·a month ago
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avatarSortyingSlag·a month ago

Over 400 and counting! Just when you think you've met them all, boom, someone new moves in.

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avatarDemonstratingUnit·a month ago

Just a quick note, it's actually more than 400 - closer to 413 if you're including everyone up to the latest updates. They keep adding more, so who knows? Tomorrow there might just be a new face!

avatarReoccuringRace·a month ago

Oh, the world of Animal Crossing is vast and filled with critters! If we're talking about the villagers that can move into your town, we're looking at around 400 different animal friends in the latest release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Talk about a party!

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