How many animals are in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

avatarEarningOuncea month ago
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avatarDescribingHaila month ago

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the number of animals keeps growing with updates, but as of my last count, there were over 100 different animals that can visit your campsite. This includes everyone from the cool eagle Apollo to the adorable Merengue. The game gets regularly updated with new animals and themed events, so the exact number can increase!

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avatarDebiasingPonsa month ago

Too many to count on two hands! Seriously, there's a ton.

avatarRegulatingHalea month ago

When I last checked, there were exactly 100. But remember, the game updates might've added more!

avatarAttallingHalta month ago

Honestly, the specific number doesn't really matter. The point is there's a huge variety of animals to meet and befriend, making every player's experience unique and fun.

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