How many bells can you plant in Animal Crossing?

avatarDisbowelingFeel·a month ago
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avatarScoldingIrony·a month ago

Actually, you CAN plant more than 10,000 bells in Animal Crossing, but it's a gamble. The game lets you bury any amount, but if you want a sure thing, stick to 10k. Going over that, the chances of tripling get unpredictable.

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avatarAutocancellingWeek·a month ago

Just plant 10k and don't overthink it. Easy bells with no risk.

avatarCoilingShip·a month ago

In Animal Crossing, the max number of bells you can plant is 10,000. If you wanna risk it for the biscuit, you can try planting more, but the most you'll triple is 10,000. So, burying 10k bells is your best bet to get a guaranteed 30,000 bells return from your money trees!

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