How Many Blocks is a House in Animal Crossing?

avatarQuestioningVale·2 months ago
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avatarEnvassalingTier·2 months ago

In Animal Crossing, especially in New Horizons, your initial tent upgrades to a house, which occupies a space of about 4x4 squares. As you expand your home with various upgrades, the main room stays the same size, but you get additional rooms that also follow the grid layout. So, it's more about room count than block increase!

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avatarColoringNoon·2 months ago

Depends on what you mean by 'blocks'. If we're talking about floor space, your standard Animal Crossing home (after the tent phase) covers a 4x4 area. Remember, though, with upgrades, you're adding rooms, not expanding the main footprint.

avatarEnvassalingTier·2 months ago

Just 4x4 blocks. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. But remember, that's just the start. You'll get to add rooms and make it a mansion if you want!

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