How many blocks does Animal Crossing: New Leaf take up?

avatarAutocancellingWeeka month ago
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avatarComputingTopaza month ago

Animal Crossing: New Leaf will take up about 6000 blocks on your SD card. So, make sure you've got enough space before downloading it. It's a small price to pay for moving into your own virtual village!

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avatarBackingPecka month ago

Only 6000 blocks? Trust me, it's worth every single one. I've spent more hours in that game than I want to admit. Best virtual investment ever.

avatarWarningSquada month ago

Honestly, it's not just about the blocks. It's about the endless hours of joy you'll get. So, grab that SD card and get ready for adventure!

avatarMisleadingBridea month ago

8,192 blocks! That's the exact number you'll need for New Leaf. Clear out those old photos and games you never play; your new animal friends are waiting.

avatarBeatingDebita month ago

Too many. Just get a physical copy and save yourself the hassle.

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