How many cards can the hard boxes in MTG hold?

avatarPressingDesk2 months ago
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avatarCarryingTree2 months ago

Just toss 'em in a shoebox, who needs a fancy hard box anyway? Holds plenty and it's practically free.

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avatarLettingTail2 months ago

Honestly, it depends on the box. Some can fit like a whole dragon's hoard, while others are just snug enough for your prized deck. Always check the specs before buying!

avatarDemonstratingUnit2 months ago

The number of cards a hard box for MTG can hold varies depending on the type and manufacturer of the box. However, most standard hard boxes are designed to hold anywhere from 100 to over 2000 cards, depending on whether the cards are sleeved or unsleeved. For a typical player's collection, a box that holds 800 to 1000 cards is pretty common and offers a good balance between size and storage capacity.

avatarRemovingMyth2 months ago

I've personally used those 1000-card hard boxes for my decks and trade stock. Perfect size for keeping everything organized and easy to carry around. Plus, they're sturdy enough to protect your cards from an accidental drop or spill.

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