How many creatures should you draft in MTG Arena?

avatarReoccuringRace2 months ago
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avatarTabulatingMadam2 months ago

Honestly, it totally depends on what type of deck you're building. If you're going for aggro, pack those creatures in! But don't just grab any; make sure they synergize well.

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avatarTrainingHost2 months ago

15 creatures, no more, no less. Keep it simple. Spells and lands will fill out the rest.

avatarImplementingPons2 months ago

When you're drafting in MTG Arena, a good rule of thumb is to aim for around 15-17 creatures in your deck. This gives you a solid base of creatures to play while leaving room for spells, lands, and other non-creature cards. Of course, this can vary based on your specific strategy and the archetype of your deck. Some decks might need more creatures, while control-oriented decks might get by with fewer.

avatarDistributingJoke2 months ago

I've seen decks with as few as 10 creatures make it to the top. It's all about how you use them. Quality over quantity, folks.

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