How Many Creatures Can Block in MTG?

avatarWanderingFacet2 months ago
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avatarComputingTopaz2 months ago

In Magic The Gathering, there's no upper limit to how many creatures can block a single attacker. The defending player can assign as many of their creatures as they want to block an incoming attack, as long as they can legally block. It's a strategic move to protect your life points or take down a strong attacker, but remember, each creature can only block one attacker unless it has abilities stating otherwise.

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avatarDebiasingPons2 months ago

Unlimited! You can throw your whole team in front of that one pesky attacker if you feel like it. Just make sure it's worth it!

avatarNoticingPuff2 months ago

Only as many as you need to. While it's true any number of creatures can block a single attacker, sometimes less is more. Overblocking can lead to unnecessary losses.

avatarPressingDesk2 months ago

Actually, it's not just about how many can block, but also how you use them. Sure, you can block with a dozen creatures if you have them, but if you're not strategic about it, you might just lose them all for nothing. So, yes, any number can block, but think before you block.

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