How Many Drafts to Collect All MTG Cards?

avatarReoccuringRace2 months ago
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avatarSnorkellingClock2 months ago

Honestly? Too many. MTG has thousands of cards, and each draft only gives you a small slice of a set. Plus, RNG isn't always in your favor.

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avatarCopyingSole2 months ago

Collecting all MTG cards through drafts is like trying to fill a swimming pool with a teaspoon. The number of drafts you'd need is astronomical, given the sheer volume of cards and sets available. Each set contains hundreds of cards, and with the release frequency, your chase is never-ending. If you're aiming for a complete collection, drafts alone might not cut it.

avatarRollingHank2 months ago

I did this once, kinda. Not literally all MTG cards, but tried to complete a set through drafts. It took me forever and a day, and loads of drafts. Wouldn't recommend if you're not ready to part with a lot of time and money.

avatarDezincingBrute2 months ago

Just buy the singles you need. Drafting for fun, sure, but for collecting? Nah.

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