How many rooms can you get in Animal Crossing?

avatarReoccuringRace·a month ago
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avatarDebiasingPons·a month ago

In Animal Crossing, especially talking about New Horizons, you can unlock a total of six rooms for your house. It starts with one, but as you pay off loans to that ever-entrepreneurial raccoon, Tom Nook, you get to add a second floor, a basement, and three extra rooms on the ground floor. It's like your own little home renovation show, but with more fishing and bug catching!

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avatarAttallingHalt·a month ago

Just six rooms. That's all you get. Don't get greedy now; space management is part of the charm!

avatarCarryingMonte·a month ago

I gotta say, expanding my house to the full six rooms in ACNH was a journey. Each new addition felt like a major achievement. It's a grind, but totally worth it when you're hosting island visitors who go 'wow' at your themed rooms. Plus, designing each space is half the fun!

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