How many species are there in Animal Crossing?

avatarScoldingIrony·a month ago
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avatarEarningOunce·a month ago

There’s quite a zoo in Animal Crossing with around 35 different species! From the cool cats and adorable dogs to the less conventional octopuses and kangaroos, the game's got a diverse range of animal neighbors. Each species comes with its own unique set of villagers, making your island's social mix as eclectic as it gets!

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avatarComposingGuru·a month ago

Last I checked, there are 35 species. But honestly, half the fun is seeing which ones will move into your town next. It's like a box of chocolates, but instead of chocolates, you get animals!

avatarSingingRidge·a month ago

35 species. Period. More than enough to keep your island interesting.

avatarWipingBride·a month ago

Actually, it's about the variety, not just the number. Animal Crossing nails it with 35 different species, offering a whimsical mix that keeps your island life vibrant and bustling. You'll never know who'll show up next!

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