How Many Stars Can You Wish on in Animal Crossing?

avatarPracticingClock·a month ago
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avatarRepeatingRitz·a month ago

In my experience, after wishing on countless stars during those magical meteor showers, I found that you really start to see diminishing returns after the first 20 wishes. It's like the game gently says, "Okay, that's enough star fragments for you." So, while there's no limit to how many stars you can wish upon, expect about 20 fragments to show up the next day.

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avatarRequestingFinal·a month ago

You can wish on as many stars as you want when there's a meteor shower in Animal Crossing, but here's the catch - the max amount of star fragments you can find on your beach the next day caps at around 20. But, if friends visit and make wishes too, you could get up to 40 fragments! Star wishing parties, anyone?

avatarSwellingDump·a month ago

Honestly, just wish on a few, the difference isn't massive unless you're really into crafting those celestial items. Sometimes less is more, and your beach won't be as cluttered!

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