How do Money Trees Work in Animal Crossing?

avatarLettingTail·a month ago
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avatarSnorkellingClock·a month ago

Money trees in Animal Crossing are literally what they sound like - trees that grow bells (the game's currency) instead of fruit! Here's how to grow one: Find a glowing spot on the ground, bury a bag of bells there using your shovel, and voilà, a sapling will sprout, eventually maturing into a money tree. Remember, the more bells you bury, the higher your potential return. But, there's a catch! The max amount you should bury is 10,000 bells to guarantee a triple return upon maturity.

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avatarComposingGuru·a month ago

Money trees are basically Animal Crossing's version of a high-stakes investment. Choose a glowing spot, bury some bells, and cross your fingers. In a few days, you might just triple your investment. But gamble wisely; not every investment yields a high return. It's all about finding that sweet spot and hoping your green thumb pays off in cold, hard bells.

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