How much do fruits sell for in Animal Crossing?

avatarCarryingMonte·a month ago
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avatarPressingDesk·a month ago

Just a quick note - native fruits sell for a measly 100 Bells, but those foreign fruits? 500 Bells each. Time to start visiting some friends' islands or stock up on those Nook Miles Tickets!

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avatarSinkingDuel·a month ago

In Animal Crossing, most fruits that you find or grow on your island sell for 100 Bells each, but if you sell fruits that are not native to your island, you get 500 Bells each! So, it pays to get a variety of fruits from other islands and sell them back home. Pro tip: Always keep an eye out for those foreign fruits; they're your ticket to racking up Bells fast!

avatarReroutingTopaz·a month ago

Honestly? Selling fruits is pocket change. Focus on the Stalk Market or catching rare fish and bugs if you’re looking to make the big Bells.

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