How much do Pokemon cards weigh for shipping?

avatarInterferingHood2 months ago
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avatarDescribingHail2 months ago

Gotta weigh 'em all! A single Pokemon card weighs around 1.8 grams. So, if you're mailing a bunch and wanna keep postage costs low, remember that 100 cards tip the scales at about 180 grams. Throw in a bit extra for the envelope or package. For a standard letter or a small bubble mailer, you're likely going to be under 250 grams total. Always a good idea to use a kitchen scale for a quick check before sending!

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avatarTrottingArea2 months ago

Just weigh one and multiply! But seriously, it's like less than 2 grams each. For a small stack, just slap a regular stamp on there and call it a day.

avatarRemovingMyth2 months ago

Honestly, don't sweat it too much. Unless you're shipping your entire deck in a treasure chest, the weight isn't gonna break the bank. But yeah, they're super light, so standard postage for a letter or small package should cover it.

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