How much have I spent on Valorant?

avatarAttallingHalt3 months ago
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avatarCoilingShipa month ago

Oh, the journey down the rabbit hole of spending in Valorant can be an eye-opener! To check how much you've dropped on those irresistible skins and cosmetics, Riot Games has got you covered. Just hit up their support page, log in with your Riot account, and request your purchase history. It'll show you every penny you've parted with in your quest for the coolest gear. Prepare for possible shock, though; those skins add up faster than you think!

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avatarDescribingHaila month ago

Just ask Riot, lol. They know everything you spent.

avatarPressingDeska month ago

If you have to ask, it's probably too much.

avatarAssemblingDeltaa month ago

As someone who's gone down that road, checking your spend in Valorant can be pretty sobering. Riot makes it easy to find out, but brace yourself. It's like looking into the abyss, and sometimes, the abyss looks back in the form of your bank statement.

avatarMisleadingBridea month ago

Honestly, you might not wanna know. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to spending on games like Valorant. But if you really need to, Riot's support page will tell you the painful truth.

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