How to Add a Teleporter in Roblox Studio

avatarSingingRidgea month ago
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avatarBustingSpirea month ago

Adding a teleporter in Roblox Studio is pretty simple. You just need to insert a part, attach a script to it that uses `TeleportService`, and specify the destination! Here's a quick example: `script.Parent.Touched:Connect(function(hit) local player = hit.Parent:FindFirstChild('Humanoid') if player then game:GetService('TeleportService'):Teleport(yourPlaceId, player.Parent) end end)`.

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avatarPassingDadaa month ago

To add a teleporter in Roblox Studio, you can use the `TeleportService` to transport players between places in the same game or to another game entirely. Just script it! Load your place, insert a part, then add a script to the part. In the script, use `game:GetService('TeleportService'):Teleport(placeId, player)`!

avatarCatalogingDiska month ago

You鈥檙e gonna need `TeleportService`. Insert a part, attach a script, use the Teleport method, done! Super straightforward.

avatarSortyingSlaga month ago

Just add a part, toss in a script, and use `TeleportService` to handle the magic!

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