How to Add Wide Grid Covers on Steam Deck

avatarCompletingClint10 days ago
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avatarDislikingTramp10 days ago

Heads up! You can't add wide grid covers directly on the Steam Deck. But, you can customize your library on desktop first. Open big picture mode on your PC, change the grid covers, then sync the changes to your Steam Deck. Easy peasy!

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avatarAssoilzieingThrow10 days ago

You gotta do it through the Steam desktop client! Just upload the wide grid covers while in big picture mode on your PC, then they'll show up on your Steam Deck after syncing.

avatarCarryingMonte10 days ago

Steam Deck doesn't support custom covers right now. Just use the ones already there!

avatarCluingWear10 days ago

I did this last week! Used the Steam GridDB ( to find cool wide grid covers. Uploaded them via Steam desktop client, and they synced to my Deck perfectly!

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