How to Be an Exorcist in BitLife

avatarResolvingGamea month ago
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avatarVitriolingMoutha month ago

To become an exorcist in BitLife, your best bet is to go for a religious career path. Start by studying hard in school, then major in something like Theology or Religious Studies in college. After graduating, get a job as a priest or other religious role, and you'll eventually see the exorcist job pop up!

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avatarNickelingAlana month ago

Just keep taking jobs in the religious field until you see 'Exorcist' in the job listings. Patience is key here, my friend!

avatarWanderingFaceta month ago

Honestly, becoming an exorcist in BitLife can be as simple as pursuing a religious career and applying when the job appears. Good luck!

avatarQuestioningValea month ago

I once played as a character devoted to religion and got the exorcist role. Just stay dedicated to religious careers, and it'll show up eventually.

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