How to Be Promoted as an Astronaut in BitLife?

avatarNailingSurge17 days ago
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avatarBakingAlert17 days ago

Become an astronaut in BitLife by first hitting the books hard! You need to excel in school and university, especially in a Science-related degree. After that, get a job in the military or as a pilot before applying to the Astronaut program.

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avatarTrainingLace17 days ago

Honestly, getting promoted in BitLife is all about patience and persistence. Make sure you're performing well at work by always choosing the 'Work Harder' option and maintaining good relationships with your colleagues.

avatarWhammellingSuite17 days ago

Make sure your character is in good health and workouts regularly. Stay in peak physical condition and keep working hard at your job. It'll improve your chances of getting those sweet, sweet promotions!

avatarBakingAlert17 days ago

Here's the trick: join the military after college, and get a pilot's license. Spend a few years as a pilot, then apply to become an astronaut. Keep working hard and you'll get promoted in no time!

avatarAssemblingDelta17 days ago

Forget all that fancy advice. Just keep hitting that 'Work Harder' button like it's an arcade game. Promotions will eventually roll in!

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