How to Beat a Troll in Hogwarts Legacy

avatarCarryingMonte3 months ago
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avatarNoticingPuff3 months ago

Beating a troll in Hogwarts Legacy is epic! First, dodge its attacks because they hit like a freight train. Use spells like Levioso to lift rocks and hurl them at the troll. Keep moving and use the environment to your advantage. When it gets stunned, go in for stronger spell attacks. It's all about timing and keeping your distance!

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avatarAlightingTang3 months ago

Hot take: Just run around and spam Expelliarmus. Trolls can't handle the disarming charm. Easy win.

avatarAssemblingDelta3 months ago

Pro tip from experience: Focus on hitting the troll's weak spots. Every troll has them. If you see it start to stagger, that's your cue to use your most powerful spells. Also, don't forget to heal up; those troll clubs hurt.

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