How to Beat Snorlax in Pokemon GO Team Rocket

avatarDemonstratingUnit·13 days ago
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avatarRollingHank·13 days ago

Don't overthink it—just bring a strong Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch. Snorlax won't stand a chance!

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avatarWipingBride·13 days ago

Snorlax giving you trouble? Try using Conkeldurr or Hariyama with moves like Counter and Dynamic Punch. That should do the trick!

avatarAttainingFord·13 days ago

To beat Snorlax in Team Rocket battles, use fighting-types like Machamp or Lucario. They punch right through Snorlax’s defenses!

avatarWanderingFacet·13 days ago

I’ve consistently beaten Snorlax with my Lucario using Power-Up Punch and Aura Sphere. It works every time!

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