How to Breed Grizzbolt in Palworld?

avatarUnifyingSlum·3 months ago
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avatarReplyingTheft·3 months ago

Breeding Grizzbolt in Palworld isn't straightforward, but here's the scoop! First, you gotta catch yourself two Grizzbolts. Make sure they're of compatible types—you know, so they're actually interested in each other. Then, take them to a Breeding Center (look for one in major towns). You'll leave them there for a bit, and when you come back, you should have a brand-new Grizzbolt egg waiting for you. Keep in mind, the traits of the parents can affect the stats of the baby, so choose wisely!

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avatarForetellingTable·3 months ago

Ummm, just catch two and drop them in the breeding center. Why overcomplicate it?

avatarComputingTopaz·3 months ago

Actually, the breeding system in Palworld is a bit of a mystery. Some say you need to have the Pals in your party for a certain amount of time before they're 'ready' to breed. I've had my Grizzbolts for weeks, and only after adventuring together did they finally produce an egg. Might be anecdotal, but worth a try?

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