How to Buy the Golf Course in GTA 5

avatarEmptyingDaisy2 months ago
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avatarHatchellingCalm2 months ago

Buying the golf course in GTA 5 is like flexing your in-game financial muscles. You gotta have a thick wallet, my friend. First, rack up $150 million. Yes, you heard it, $150 million! Once you have that cheddar, just walk into the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website in the game and look for the Los Santos Golf Club listing. Click to buy, and bam, you're the proud owner of some lush fairways where you can practice your swing or just run over golfers with your golf cart. Remember, it's all about showing that green to get the green!

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avatarDebiasingPons2 months ago

Honestly, buying the golf course is a long shot for most players. It's one of those 'endgame' investments. You really gotta dedicate a ton of time to making money in-game, through heists, missions, or playing the stock market efficiently. I'd focus on enjoying the game and not stress about owning the golf course unless you're really into golf or want to complete everything in GTA 5.

avatarScoldingIrony2 months ago

lol just grind or use cheats, i mean who got time to make 150mil legit

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