How to Complete Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife

avatarRegulatingHalea month ago
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avatarAutocancellingWeeka month ago

For the Demon Slayer challenge in BitLife, first, you'll want to become an Exorcist. Then, crank up your Evilness stat to 100% by doing bad deeds, commit three murders, get yourself thrown in jail, and make a daring escape. Easy peasy!

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avatarPassingDadaa month ago

To conquer the Demon Slayer challenge, you need to become an Exorcist, have a 100% Evilness stat, murder three people, go to prison, and escape at least once. Remember, being bad has never been this good!

avatarGroaningRusha month ago

Become an Exorcist, be super evil, kill three people, get arrested, escape prison. Done. Good luck!

avatarCoilingShipa month ago

I completed it by focusing on becoming an Exorcist first. After that, I just let my dark side take over: maxed out my Evilness, committed some heinous crimes, got locked up, and then made a break for it! BitLife really lets you explore your dark side!

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