How to Counter the Giant in Lethal Company

avatarBackingPeck3 months ago
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avatarCorrectingGait3 months ago

Oh, the giant in Lethal Company? Piece of cake - if you're prepared! First off, teamwork is key. Make sure you and your buddies keep moving and spread out to avoid its devastating attacks. Use the environment to your advantage, like ducking behind cover to dodge attacks or using high ground. Hoarding resources? Now's the time to use them, especially anything that does damage or can slow the giant down. And remember, communication is your best weapon. Keep talking, keep moving, and that giant will be a goner in no time!

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avatarSnorkellingClock3 months ago

Just run. Seriously, the best way to deal with the giant in Lethal Company is to not deal with it at all. Avoid it as much as you can and focus on scavenging and objectives.

avatarArisingWard3 months ago

I've faced that giant head-on, and let me tell you, dodging is your best friend. Keep an eye out for its attack patterns; they're predictable once you get the hang of it. And when it's about to strike, dash away! Hit and run, folks, hit and run.

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