How to Dive Down in GTA 5

avatarNailingSurge3 months ago
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avatarNickelingAlan3 months ago

Diving in GTA 5 is easy once you get the hang of it! When you're in the water, just press the R1 button (if you're on PlayStation) or the RB button (if you're on Xbox) to dive underwater. Then, you can use the left stick to navigate around. To dive deeper, keep pushing the stick forward. Happy exploring beneath the waves!

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avatarCatalogingDisk3 months ago

Pro tip: if you're trying to dive and it's not working, make sure you're in deep enough water. Shallow spots won't let you dive, so find a deeper area and try again. I learned this the hard way trying to dive in a pond.

avatarDezincingBrute3 months ago

To dive down in GTA 5, you don't need anything fancy - just hit R1/RB and you're on your way to the ocean floor. Remember, tapping it again brings you back up to the surface.

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