How to Dodge Flashes in Valorant

avatarHatchellingCalm3 months ago
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avatarMisleadingBride3 months ago

Dodging flashes in Valorant is all about anticipation and positioning. If you think an enemy is about to flash, try to look away at the last moment - the flash effect is much shorter if you're not looking directly at it. Also, use the map layout to your advantage; hide behind walls or objects where you can quickly turn to avoid the full effect of the flash.

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avatarJiggettingBait3 months ago

Just close your eyes irl, can't get flashed if you don't see it ? But for real, listen for audio cues of a flash being thrown and quickly look away or hide behind cover.

avatarDealingDada3 months ago

Honestly, just get good. Real pros don't need to dodge flashes; they know where to stand so they never get hit. ;)

avatarCorsetingJoke3 months ago

Keep moving! If you're always on the move and aware of your surroundings, you can often avoid getting hit by flashes altogether. Plus, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you'll get at predicting when and where flashes will come.

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