How to Find Moonglow in Terraria

avatarManningAndy·3 months ago
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avatarBivouacingFirm·3 months ago

So you wanna snag some Moonglow, huh? Easy peasy! Moonglow grows on Jungle grass in the Underground Jungle at night. You can spot 'em by their glowing bluish flowers. Best part? They glow, making nighttime the perfect moment for a Moonglow hunt. Just pack some decent gear because the Jungle doesn’t mess around – especially after dark!

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avatarPressingDesk·3 months ago

Quick tip: Moonglow only blooms at night. So, if it ain’t glowing, it ain’t growing! Check the Underground Jungle after sunset, and you'll see them shining like tiny blue lanterns. Easy to spot, easy to collect. Just watch out for the local wildlife; they're not always as friendly as the flora.

avatarAlightingTang·3 months ago

Gotta disagree with the night-only squad. Best strategy: Set up a Moonglow farm in your base. Just grab some seeds during your night-time expeditions, plant them on Jungle grass blocks, and boom - day or night harvesting!

avatarPleasingSkip·3 months ago

Honestly, just head to the Jungle at night. You can’t miss Moonglow if you tried. It’s like the Jungle throws a neon party every night, and Moonglow is the guest of honor.

avatarBeatingDebit·3 months ago

Protip: Moonglow hunting at night is an experience, but don't forget you can also grow it yourself. After snagging some seeds, you can control the harvest. Plus, farming is safer than dodging man-eating plants and giant hornets in the Jungle.

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